Getting ready

I have been training for this walk for several months.  On Saturday I did my last twenty mile training hike in Smokey Mountain National Park.  I got an early start and was hiking up Cove Mountain by 0730.  But, I had to work, too.  I mean work work, as in legal work.  So, I took my dictaphone and was dictating a brief for the first two+ hours that I was walking.  Now, some will think I am crazy, have my priorities misplaced, whatever.   The truth is that I enjoyed it.  I was motivated.  It is a special brief because it is in a case where the opposing lawyer tried to prevent me from going on this walk to Switzerland.  Really.  When the case was first set for trial last year it was set for late August 2012, right at the beginning of this trip. I and other defense lawyers who also had vacations planned at the same time asked for a new trial date because of the conflict with our vacations.  This guy actually opposed our efforts to reschedule.  He said that our personal vacation schedules were not “good cause” for moving the trial.  Well, as Jim Farnham always said, “I can play the game, just tell me the rules.”   It will be a long time before I forget that one. 

Anyway, he lost that round and I am getting ready for this trip in spite of him.  Back now to the Cove Mountain trail:  as I am happily walking along, merrily dictating a brief because I am motivated to beat this guy even if I have do do it while I am hiking, I look down and about 4 feet in front of me is a good-sized copperhead.  Man, I’m glad I wasn’t too inattentive!  I sure would have hated to miss this trip due being bitten by a copperhead!

9 thoughts on “Getting ready

  1. John, I see in your profile photo that you haven’t changed a bit since gymnastics at West Point–your arms are bigger around than your skinny legs. Good luck, old buddy!

  2. John, sounds like you are dealing effectively with two snakes at one time! Your choice to walk and work and enjoy is a great one; applause to you and thanks for including me. I look forward to experiencing your trip vicariously; best wishes!

  3. Glad to be one of your adventure groupies. When you first mentioned you were going, I read up on the trek and it did not seem to be so rigorous. Are you sure you are on the right trail?

  4. Yes, John – I understand.
    It is all about staying motivated.
    I hope you always stay that way.

    Uncle Roastie

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