A memorial

I don’t know the exact answer to the question Bob Murrian posted about the warning about unexploded ordinance. But, this may give a hint. It is a plaque a relatively short distance (a mile or two) away. It is a memorial to three Swiss soldiers who were killed at this site in November 1941. I dont know what went on there then, but it said they died in fulfillment of their military duty and were true to their arms and their country. Note their ages.

4 thoughts on “A memorial

  1. What a great site for an even greater adventure. I love Switzerland and the Swiss people. No gun control in Switzerland. In a way its the reverse. Every able bodied man between 18 and 35 is conscripted and is required to maintain his own personal equipment including firearm (usually a Sturmgewehr 90. Hard to take a train in Switzerland on the weekend without sharing it with the Swiss Army on weekend duty. I am green with envy. Best place in the world for civilized hiking.

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