Day 2

Today was a pretty good work out. This view was typical of much of the scenery. I lost count of the number of waterfalls and cascades I saw. One sheer vertical waterfall looked to be at least 800′ high. One cascade similar to this one had to be at 2000′ high.

As you can see, it is raining. It was raining when I started and rained again most of the late afternoon. But, it was not cold and I had enjoyed a good breakfast and knew I would have a shower and clean sheets waiting for me. So, in spite of a mildly unpleasant drizzle, this wasn’t even close to being Ranger weather (see the page on Ranger School to understand why not).

I covered about 13 1/2 miles from Weisstannen to Elm with 4000 feet of elevation gain and about the same elevation loss descending to Elm. Most of the elevation gain came in the final three miles leading up to the Foopass, so it was pretty steep. At the Foopass I met Marion and three Zurichers who have a summer house nearby. The Foopass is at an evation of about 7300′ so the altitude made the climb a bit more strenuous. Another couple of days and I should be acclimatized more.

Tomorrow promises to be another stiff day. But, it and today are just a warm up for what’s to come.

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