More on Day 4

I was wiped out last night. It was due to a combination of things but I (re)learned some good lessons. My exhaustion was due to a number of factors all coming together at once. First, the route was an arduous one by any standard. That was compounded by the fact that the guide book and the trail markers were less than optimal. As a result we (the Three Amigos and me) went several extra miles with substantial but unnecessary elevation gain and loss. Then, I started worrying about time and tried to go too fast. All that was compounded by the fact that although I thought I was drinking plenty of water, I was not. So, I got a tad dehydrated. By the time we made Altdorf, I was wasted. Plus, I had worked up a blister. A minor irritant under normal circumstances but with 11 days of walking ahead of me, it was something I didn’t need.

But, as contrasted with Ranger School (see the page), I was able to get a hit shower, a full meal and nine hours of sleep. When I woke up today I felt like a new man.

In Altdorf I met a Swiss musician. Interesting fellow. We chatted a bit but I was too tired to socialize much last evening. We talked more at breakfast today. He had learned English from a group of Black musicians who were touring Europe and asked him to play with them and then to join their band. He played sax.

He wanted to make sure I knew all about William Tell, and it actually was quite interesting. More on that later. He was from Zurich and was on a bike trip. I asked him how many days we was out for. He replied by holding up his arm to show he wasn’t wearing a watch and said he just biked until it felt like time to go home.

6 thoughts on “More on Day 4

  1. John, Glad you are doing better. I appreciate the postings and it makes me want to get out and hike again……..Bob

  2. Let’s see. Didn’t drink enough water, Went too fast at altitude. Got a blister. Did you walk unroped across any crevasses? That seems to be the only no-no box you failed to check. Have you forgotten everything I taught you about mountaineering? … Great pictures and good story line so far. I really enjoy your f-ups. Cann

  3. John, Stayed in Altdorf. Perhaps the same hotel. Can you see the William Tell statue from Hotel? If so, it’s the same crib. Hope blister heals (was blister rep in Beast). Perseverando! Jeff

  4. Dad, it’s not a race. Remember all the lessons you taught me about hiking. You seem to have forgotten some from your posts. Stay on track and stay smart!

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