1 thought on “Still have a way to go

  1. John – – My two sons and I did a three day 55 miler in the Ozark Mountains eight years ago. I kinda know what you are going through but those intervening eight years have taken a toll on my stamina and drive. How you are able to do this is amazing. I guess reporting on it daily is one motivation to keep going. On our jaunt in Arkansas, we parked the car at the end point and hired a guy to drive us to the start point. Finishing was the only way to get back to clean clothes and warm showers. Oh, and unlike those “hikes” in Ranger School, we had more food than we could eat!

    The memories and visual beauty of the lands/mountains/streams/meadows we hiked over will remain with me, just as your new experiences are yours forever.

    Keep plugging away Old Man Of The Class, you are an inspiration for us all !! You make all of us proud of your feats and especially proud is this Zooian.

    Cheers and Best Wishes, Karl

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