5 thoughts on “Trying again with Benedict and the snake

  1. Pix came thru. All of them are great
    Went to Fall Creek yesterday, Abrams tomorrow
    The comment about losing stamina is too true.

  2. John – – I well remember Plebe Encampment just before our Class hike back to WP and Re-Orgy Week when somebody caught a snake and McDonough challenged you to bite the head off of the snake. You did bite the snake’s head off but in the process, it bit you on the tongue .

    After that, I always thought you had lost your “taste” for snakes…… Karl

  3. John–
    Like Karl I was there also when you bit the head of that snake… My question is, did you do the same to this snake? It looks a lot smaller.. 🙂
    Great blog…

  4. Hi John – An article about your blog appeared in the “Get Active” section of the News Sentinel on Friday, August 24. I am saving an extra copy for you and Sandy. I have now completed reading all your posts to date, and all I can say is that the article was wrongly placed – more appropriate for the “Hyper Active” section, though I don’t believe there is one! Milton and Paolo send their regards and after looking at your photos remarked that they could see you were still in the urban part of Switzerland and wondered when you would be making it into the countryside – ha, ha.

    In all sincerity, thank you for sharing this marvelous experience with all of us! I am truly astounded at the beauty of your journey, and the interesting dwellings and people you have encountered along the way. The scenery is breathtaking and I particularly love the video clips. Also love the way you are breaking up the scenery with the closeups of your colorful meals. Very creatively done sir! All the best, Mimi

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