Fitness – Suisse v. USA

I’m drawing no large conclusions here, but here are some interesting things I have noticed.
1. I have seen no fat kids here. Not a one. I am sure there are some, but the percentage surely must be low compared to the US.
2. I don’t think it is a coincidence that I have not seen a McDonalds or any other fast food outlet. Again, I expect that there are some in the larger cities but not in the smaller towns that I have been through, including Grindelwald, which is very touristy. Same for Zermatt, at least when I was last there.
3. As I mentioned earlier, the signs marking the pathways are in terms of time, not distance. I have found that they are very good predictors of my arrival time. If a sign says it is 1 hour and 40 minutes to some place, I usually arrive within 5 minutes or so of that time. Now, in contrast to that, in the National Parks in the US, there often are pamphlets, guide books, or other written materials telling hikers how long a particular trail will take. I find that almost always I cover the distance in substantially less time than given in these materials. In short, the Swiss assume a much higher level of fitness in their trail markings than do we in the US.

1 thought on “Fitness – Suisse v. USA

  1. Sad but true I fear about the obesity problem and fitness. Off to hike a dozen or so miles on Mt Hood with Jean in the am. Just as beautiful as Switzerland but only one peak. Enjoy your trip

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