One way I wish we were more like Europe

This is René and Erika and their Belgian Shepard, Vicki. Dogs in restaurants are quite common here. More restaurants (and regulating municipalities) in the US should be so enlightened. After all, they are much better behaved than a lot of customers. I’ve never seen one loud, drunk or obnoxious.

When I sat down next to them Erika started to move Vicki. I was able to say in German, that I had a dog of my own and theirs looked like a good dog, so they knew I was a dog lover. That is always a good way to get acquainted.

I told them that the US military was using Belgian Shepards as bomb detection dogs. He said that they also are being exported to the US for use as guard dogs in prison. He swears they are smarter than German Shepards.

René and Erika live in the northern part of Switzerland where he is a security guard at a high-end hotel. Nice people. Nice dog.

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