This is my hotel in Gsteig. I ate dinner here and struck up a nice conversation with a German biker.

I am now in an area where most people speak French, although German still predominates. But I can now communicate much better.

Oh, I meant to mention yesterday about my encounter with the farmer and the farmer’s daughter. I was walking up a small one lane mountain road and see a car coming The other way. I step to the side to give it plenty of room to pass me but instead the car stops. Inside is a farmer and his very attractive 20-something daughter. Turns out the farmer was one of the Ibex hunters I had meet the previous day. He recognized me and stopped to say hello.

2 thoughts on “Gsteig

  1. We’ve never met, but I thought I’d leave a comment to say how much I’m enjoying your walk across Switzerland! Thank you for sharing your photos/experiences! I love it! Stay safe, L.

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