Leaving Gsteig

Today started easy enough, but that was deceptive. It was a long, hard day. Ron, it reminded me of a certain 19 mile march in November 1969.

For now, I am at the end of the tour.

Sorry to sound anti-climatic but right now this boy is tired and going to get some sleep. See, that is one of the differences between this walk and Ranger school – when I’m tired, I can go to sleep. I will write a more extended description later together with some reflections and further thoughts on this memorable trip.


5 thoughts on “Leaving Gsteig

  1. The Roadside Repair is the first time I’ve seen you be able to take off your footwear – that is a good sign……
    A marvelous accomplishment.
    I can’t believe this is over – what am I going to do next week for adventure (????) – I guess I’ll be forced to chase women…….or watch paint dry if nobody cooperates……
    A second achievement just behind the actual hike: your decision to write this blog has fascinated so many people. We’ve taken much pleasure from this adventure. The blog was a brilliant decision that influenced many, many people. Thank you.
    Now go chase your woman.

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