3 thoughts on “Huh?

  1. They do have a few training areas – where else do you train? I was talking to a guy on the train a couple weeks ago. He is a banker who used to be in Singapore, so when he came back to Switzerland, he was behind in his duty credits. He joined an infantry unit and works in the fire direction control center of an 81mm mortar platoon (good use for a banker, I guess). Anyway, we were talking about training restrictions (they do some mortar firing in the mountains north of Montreux, where his unit is based), and he said you can shoot anything any time you want at the big training area in Appenzell. By the way, John, if during your walk you find any parachutes from artillery illumination, you can turn them in for a monetary reward at the police station. They want to get the parachutes back because of cost.

    Happy Trails! Karson

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