Day …

I’ve lost track of the days, which is a good thing. We finally had decent weather this morning. In fact, it was the kind of picture postcard perfect weather that makes the Alps so special.

I had to make up two lost days, so I have to confess that I cheated a bit. I did a 3700′ climb up to the Kleine Scheidegg, ate lunch there and then caught the train (cog railway) down and connected on trains through Interlaken to Kandersteg. I’m back on the route now and we’ll just have to see how the knee holds up.

The climb up to Kleine Scheidegg was under the north face of the Eiger most of the way. The photos don’t do it justice – it is a man killer of a mountain. At one time I had an ambition to climb it but never had the chance (or, rather, didn’t make the chance) and now I’ll just have to admire it from below. Sigh ….

Kleine Scheidegg is very touristy, since it has spectacular views and a cog railway runs up to it from G’wald. When I was about a half mile away I met a couple on the trail coming toward me. I give ’em my best Swiss accented “Gruetzi.” Simultaneously they say,”Hello,” so I “Hello” them back. The man then asks if I speak English. “A little bit.” “Where are you from?” “Knoxville.”

Turns out they are from the Sonoma Valley and their daughter lives in Knoxville and they have visited it several times. We compare favorite restaurants and how we all love the “new” Market Square Mall. I take their picture and at their request am going to take Sandy to their daughter’s store, chat her up a bit and then pull out my iPhone and ask if she knows these people. Small world, indeed.

The picture below is out the window of my hotel room in Kandersteg. It is a small place run by a man and his wife who are quite nice.

G’night all.

2 thoughts on “Day …

  1. On the other side of the Lauterbrunnen Valley, is a very quaint farming town known as Gimmelwald. At the town’s hostel, many hikers gather in the evening and talk about their adventures. A short walk above Gimmelwald, is the car-free town of Muerren.

    Thanks for sharing your adventures. I am reliving my visits there through your beautiful pictures.

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